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Things Every Indian Does When On A Hill Station!


Hill station is a lot more than hills! It is just not only about cool breezes chilling your spine, or those deep gorges giving all odd thoughts or the snow-capped peaks. But the hill station is a lot more about! Every hill station has a story with it. A story of friendship, a memory of first walk together, a celebration of success, a tale of last campus visit – a lot more! Those huts amid lush green surroundings over the hill-slope, those composed hill beauties plucking tea leaves or apples wearing colorful clothes climbing kilometers to reach destination, those momos and what not? Every hill station has something common – the way travelers and adventurers, boys and girls perceive, think and consider a hill station. There is something common that every traveler will do. Let’s find out!

  • Waking up early for catching sunrise

sunrise on mountainsNot pretty sure if they are actually paying attention over sunrise, but it is looking romantic! (Source)

Well this is almost certainly not only for beach lovers but also for hill station fans. Doesn’t matter, they did not see the early morning glimpse of sun in their own city. These guys would always be spotted ditching their bed at 8 or 9 am only, 7.30 is the worst case for early office commuters. One thing is very particular for Indian families. The elders often force to start the day with surya namaksar, cool is the fact that half of them consider it valid only on hill stations!

  • Momos – a must try!

momos on hill station

Half eaten and half left! (Source)

Bhaiya, non veg toh ni hai? Garlic mat dalna? (bro, do not serve non veg and garlic). Momos are a hill station symbol. If you have not learnt eating momos on visiting hill station, you are not a qualified traveler yet. Lesser cool is the fact that half of them would throw half eaten due to too much garlic or non-veg or simply the taste was not as it is served in their city (no laughs!) but they will try for sure!

  • Clicking a selfie

couple clicking selfie

Selfie fans! (Source)

No, you are not a couple if you have not clicked that equally dangerous version of close zoom of yours with your partner. Who bothers how odd it might seem, uploading the same on Facebook and Instagram and yes WhatsApp too won’t take a minute!

  • Proving yourself to be a photographer

funny photographer

An avid photographer! (Source)

No offense. Some are born photographers and other become to impress their girlfriends! Beautiful panoramic view of the valley, uploaded 5 minutes back. Someone please tell them, it is just a tree one can see!

  • Buying the local stuff

This one is particularly for Indian women. Doesn’t matter how much shopping they did just before the trip and how much stuff they already left in their wardrobe, they will always discover something good to spend money on hill stations. Whether they be kullu shawls (doesn’t matter if they live in damn hot part of India!) or the handmade stuff, holes are to be tunneled into pockets!

  • Enjoying a lot!

This one is for every facebookiya! A journey is totally incomplete without this status over Facebook. If someone is enjoying that much, wonder how did they get the time to update on facebook? Never mind!

  • Walking hand in hand

girl and boy holding hands

Couple in love! (Source)

Don’t know. Every couple who on their own place seemed to be the enemies of life turn out to be so romantic on hill stations?

  • Trying an adventure

bungee jumping

A bungee jumper expelling her heart out! (Source)

At home, they will scream on spotting cockroach, will evidently and suddenly turn out to be so brave heart enough to try bungee jumping! Not to bother, their heart eventually might beat like a DJ hit, but returning without having an adventure sport will cut their nose!

A drastic makeover!

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