Enjoy Janmashtami with Rezortify!

Places to Visit on Janmasthmi This Year!


If you yourself are a great devotee of lord Krishna and are looking forward to explore some incomparable places, Janmasthmi is the auspicious occasion to do so! This notorious deity, Lord Krishna, according to Hindu mythology took birth around 5000 years ago. Believed to be the eighth reincarnation of lord Vishnu, he is known for his quick-wittedness. His birthday known to be celebrated every year as the Janmasthmi, is the portmanteau of Janma meaning birth and asthami meaning eight.

Enjoy Janmashtami with Rezortify!

This famous festival falls in the Bhadrapad month of the year as per the Hindu calendar and is celebrated with full vigor and enthusiasm throughout the country. People observe fast throughout the day and break it at midnight with the birth of lord Krishna. This is the time when major celebrations are done. People decorate their houses, make savories and offer to god.

If you are looking forward to explore places on Janmasthmi, your search ends here! Explore the places and make sure you plan your weekend in advance!


Krishna temple - Mathura

Krishna Temple – Mathura (Source)

Mathura is the birthplace of the lord Krishna and it is believed that the Krishna took birth on the soil of this sacred city. With thousands of lord Krishna temples, the decoration and celebrations here are worth a watch. The celebration takes place widely in two major forms – in which people place swing in their courtyard and decorate the place with the help of rangoli and flowers. Second, the temples of Mathura are colored in a theme and the dresses of the lord are also made to match the pattern.


prem mandir vrindavan

Prem Mandir – Vrindavan (Source)

Vrindavan is a place where lord Krishna is said to have spent his childhood days. With a lot of temples , Vrindavan is known for its own kind of celebrations. The celebrations here start 10 days prior to the festival. The raasleela and the Mahabharata plays are presented by the local artists in various places. Special celebrations and sparkle can be seen in major Vrindavan temples. Baankey Bihari temple, Iscon Temple, Ranganath Ji, Madhuban temple are a few.



Krishna Temple – Dwarka (Source)

Dwarka is another place where you can witness grand celebrations. the lord Krishna is said to have spent around 100 years here. The city was built  by Vishwakarma within 2 days. However, after the Krishna’s death, the city was submerged in the sea marking the start of Kalyug. The modern day Dwarka stands erect in Gujarat and huge celebrations are done.

Besides these, there are various other places where Janmasthmi celebrations are done with full vigor. Handi programme is conducted in various places.

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