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Fun Places to Celebrate Holi in India


Holi brings with it the unconditioned fun and love! The way people interact with each other forgetting their differences is worth appreciation! But above all, this festival of colors has a lot more to offer and is widely celebrated throughout India and in major portions of the world. Known by the usage of scented colors, water filled equipment and balloons, the way Holi is celebrated in different parts of the India, it may vary from region to region but the very basic essence of oneness and togetherness remains the same. Holi is perhaps the best occasion for a photographer wherein he can spot some vivid characters, some breathtaking scenes and the perfect amalgamation of colors. If you too fall into the same category and are looking for some different Holi celebrations this year, tighten your seat belts, let’s have a virtual visit!

Places to celebrate Holi in India

  • Barsana – for celebrating Holi in different style

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lathmar holi barsana

Lathmar Holi in Barsana (Source)

Who said men always win? It’s the other way round during Holi in Barsana. Barsana is a small town in Uttar Pradesh, and is considered as the home town of Radha Ji. Here men from neighboring village, Nandgaon, the land of Krishna are beaten by the women as they try to host the flag over RadhikaJi’s temple and thus it is called lathmar Holi wherein lath stands for stick. Lathmar Holi is celebrated a week before the main Holi celebration.

  • Mathura and Vrindavan – The Holi Celebrations On their Best!

Vrindavan is famous for its Holi celebration

Holi in Mathura and Vrindavan (Source)

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It altogether is a great package wherein you can spot and witness the major Holi celebrations of the country. Near Nandgaon is the Mathura and Vrindavan where Holi is celebrated in traditional manner. The place where lord Krishna was born, the Holi here is celebrated with great vigor, the Holi celebrations here are must to watch. People apply scented colors on each other’s cheeks. Stay alert if you are not ready for the application of colors else show the spirit and dive into the celebration!

  • Goa – See The Different Style of Holi Here!

holi in Goa

Shigmotsav in Goa (Source)

Known as Shigmotsav in Goa, this is the Goa’s answer to the Holi. It is basically a fusion of carnival and Holi and is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Parades are held and festivities along with worshipping of deities are conducted on large scale.

  • Rajasthan – Catch The Elephant Festival!

elephant festival

Holi in Rajasthan (Source)

This perhaps would be your best experience. If you are in or around Jaipur take out time to visit the elephant festival during Holi. This is one of the major events of Rajasthan that is conducted annually on the full moon day which generally collides with the Holika Dahan, the day before Dhulendhi. It is celebrated on the Jaipur Polo Grounds opposite to the Sawai Man Singh Stadium. Thank us if you spot some lively colored and decorated elephants, velvet parasols, gold rugs, large anklets and everything that you could imagine.

  • Delhi – Experience All the Colors of Holi Here!

holi in delhiHoli celebrations in Delhi (Source)
Women doing pooja on the Holi eve

Women doing pooja on the Holi eve (Source)

Perhaps Holi is celebrated with the collective enthusiasm in Delhi. People form small tolis and keep applying the color on each other’s face until they become unrecognizable. Societies conduct small Holi gathering wherein snacks are served. On the eve of Holi, bonfires are lit to destroy the evil.

Holi is a fun festival altogether that not only welcomes the summer, but fills the atmosphere with happiness, prevails harmony and spreads fun. How are you celebrating Holi this time? 


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