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11 Different Types of Travelers Who Will Spice Up Your Journey

Travelling is fun – we all know that! And those who really enjoy the art of travel would have surely come across the different types of travelers. It is because of them that the entire journey, whether weekend trip or a simple journey is worth enjoying :D

We have here the 11 types of travelers among us. Do let us know which one you fit in!

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5 Things You SHOULD Forget To Pack When You Travel!

Seriously, I believe, packing is somewhat related to one’s personality and traits. My mother, who is always the first to do, she always has her packing done before days! Me, the late comer, I will always have one or two things positioned here and there even 5 minutes before the expected departure time. Okay, you may call me careless, but then, being a girl, how can I afford to leave some important stuff at my place, but then chances are high that same important stuff returns unused back after the whole trip. :p

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Monsoon Beauty Tips to Travel Pretty!

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Although we girls are a desperate aficionado of monsoon travel not because the falling showers impress everyone, but also because the cool breeze soon after and romantic environment! Being such a great monsoon travel admirer, the fact that it is also a hard time for all the pretty ladies cannot be denied! Keeping their makeup intact all through the day during monsoon and that too while traveling when every entity of environment is just planning against you is not an easy task. Obvio, not every girl looks that sensational as is depicted on the reels during rains! But every girl can manage to look the same stunning during monsoon travel with some simple monsoon beauty tips, fixes and tricks! Continue reading

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Things Every Indian Does When On A Hill Station!

Hill station is a lot more than hills! It is just not only about cool breezes chilling your spine, or those deep gorges giving all odd thoughts or the snow-capped peaks. But the hill station is a lot more about! Every hill station has a story with it. A story of friendship, a memory of first walk together, a celebration of success, a tale of last campus visit – a lot more! Those huts amid lush green surroundings over the hill-slope, those composed hill beauties plucking tea leaves or apples wearing colorful clothes climbing kilometers to reach destination, those momos and what not? Continue reading

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8 Most Unusual And Strange Places in India That You Ought To Visit!

If just holidaying at magnificent natural resorts, lavish luxury hotels and sparkling beaches and shivering hill stations are your idea of travelling; these weirdest and unusual places are definitely not for you! What oxygen may be to some, adventure is to rest! An adventurer is another class which does not find beauty in usual places – beauty lies in unusual places! What’s the fun in travelling when the river is flowing down the mountains and all is in place as it should be? Boring, no? Well, for me it is! Who says India does not provide a bunch of such unusual places? Adventure activities in India are not only limited to trekking and rafting (and others!), the most unusual places of India will chill your spine and erect your Goosebumps. Continue reading

Jaipur Hawa Mahal

Window Shopping In Jaipur Down The Aisle!

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Delhi’s Must Eats: Food You Should Have A Taste Of!

Delhi is known for its Chaat Papri, Chole Bhature, Tikki Samosa basically STREET FOOD and to name just a few is a task. I feel its partiality with others. Hence I will only write about places I have personally been to and am fond of! I would recommend it to everyone even the foreigners because the food served is not just finger licking, pocket friendly but also fresh.  

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