Khatling glacier

The Most Beautiful and Adventurous Glacier Trekking Routes In India!

Fortunately India houses various geographical and demographic variations within itself. Thanks to the climatic and terrain changes that the Indian travelers don’t have to look far away for exploring treks and glaciers. Here is the assembled list of some of the most beautiful glacier trekking routes in India that would surely leave you tempted to go for one! Continue reading

laxmi vilas palace

Top Places in India To Celebrate The New Year For The Perfect Start!

Spread the optimism and get set to celebrate the arrival of new year as this year gears the way for the next! Late night parties, cakes, wine, dances, oomph and fun! But why not to give a little makeover to your New Year celebrations? Fortunately India is blessed with an array of locations – peaceful and crowd, royal and average, hills and beaches, plains and deserts – what not? Adding travel to your to do list will only do wonders!  Continue reading


5 Places to Celebrate Christmas in India: Let the Santa Come!

Jingle bells jingle bells, jingle all the way!

Finally it’s that time of the year when Santa Claus is about to leave for your town! Who says India does not celebrate Christmas? Of course, we do! We have our own style of celebrating the 25th December, the Christmas. Among the oomph and glitters, conical trees and sparkling stars, carols and bells – let’s get set to celebrate this massive festival! Continue reading


A Perfect Guide to Offbeat Honeymoon Destinations in India

It’s your honeymoon and it’s gotta be special!

The unison of two unknown strangers as the man and the wife takes place during this romantic phase of life which is equally longed by both the partners (yes, we know, until and unless you have not mingled up that close before!). But, even if you already knew each other before marriage, fact can never be denied that the honeymoon is equally longed by both as this is the formal and official vacation your guardians have approved of!

When the purpose itself is so beautiful, why destinations should lag behind? Honeymoon destination needs to be beyond imagination too! No? Then why visit the same age old destinations which almost every honeymooner dreams of visiting? India is a perfect demographic location known for the beautiful gorges, sky touching peaks, pristine beaches and relaxing temples! With so much under its umbrella, India surely won’t disappoint you when it comes to deciding the perfect big-day location! Continue reading

Ranthambore National Park

Winter Weekend Getaways near Jaipur to Escape the Monotonous Life!

Pink tranquility, red and yellow colorful turbans, sky scraping malls and golgappas! Jaipur is a little difficult to define in a few words. Winter makes the city all the more garden-fresh and if you are residing near cantonment area, believe us, your day and night will be marked with the pihu pihu of peacocks! With so much to offer, it is difficult to think outside of the city, but monotonous life needs changes and winter is the perfect season to plan a change! If you are also on the lookout on winter weekends near Jaipur, tighten your shoe laces and get set go! Continue reading


5 Winter Weekend Getaways from Delhi to Escape And Or Embrace the Cold!

Finally! It’s cold! Yes, the chance to wear those lively and vibrant jackets, mufflers, gloves, and boots is finally here. Winter is definitely the time of the year when everyone probably looks forward to exploring more rather than just tea and books and of course the furnace. If we are alike-thinkers, you would also be looking forward to travel the road! Road that is less travelled by, is offbeat and pictures perfect beauty. Immerse yourself into the perfect getaways laid only for you by the nature. Shivering or moderate, the choice is entirely yours!

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winter photography

Winter Photography Tips For Beginners

Winter may sound cozy to you especially when you have your partner within reach.  Capturing some memorable moments amid fog and snow, warmth and care is what that romantic moment deserves! But your DSLR may not see the snow as your eyes perceive it. That’s the reason that white snow appears as with blue tint or grayed in pictures. The best way to rule this out and to do impeccable winter photography is by using a gray card. Manually setting the custom white balance can also serve the purpose. But the whole process may sound a little technical and cumbersome to you.

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Sankalp restaurant

Best Eating Joints At Ahmedabad : Satisfy Your Munchies Deliciously in The City!

While the first look at the gastronomical activities of Ahmedabad might give you a little skeptical look, the city has some amazing eating points you would end up licking your finger. For a Non-Gujarati, the presence of sugar would sound fussy at the first taste, the city has definitely evolved a lot in terms of eating habits and this is the reason that today people from all over the India, Northie or Southie, end up gobbling the food hastily.

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garba in gujarat

Navratri In Gujarat – Catching The Tunes And Rhymes Of Garba Songs

While Navratri may portrait the scene of profound worship and devoted environment; it is fun, a traditional and colorful milieu in Gujarat! While the scene of ladies fasting for nine days (no we are not discriminating gender wise but men are not that devotional except a few!) and Bhajans and Kirtans might make you aware of the arrival of Navratri; it is decorative lights, Chania Cholis, decorative jewelries and beautiful ladies out there on the roads to make you sense, yes, here are Navratri and so is the Gujarati Garba! Continue reading

hate food

7 Reasons Why You Should Not Travel

You want to move beyond boundaries, experience beyond imagination and explore beyond reality! Well, if that’s the case, you should perhaps immediately hit the floor, pack up a pair of clothes and plan a weekend trip today There is either yes or no! But if you are stuck between two, whether to go or to not, here are plenty of reasons which for sure would make you drop your idea. Read at your own risk.

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