garba in gujarat

Navratri In Gujarat – Catching The Tunes And Rhymes Of Garba Songs


While Navratri may portrait the scene of profound worship and devoted environment; it is fun, a traditional and colorful milieu in Gujarat! While the scene of ladies fasting for nine days (no we are not discriminating gender wise but men are not that devotional except a few!) and Bhajans and Kirtans might make you aware of the arrival of Navratri; it is decorative lights, Chania Cholis, decorative jewelries and beautiful ladies out there on the roads to make you sense, yes, here are Navratri and so is the Gujarati Garba!

As much as you see and hear, believe us, it is much more than that! Soaked in enthusiasm are the youngsters here. The passes, the grounds, the plots, make up, costumes, jewelry, steps, practice and a lot more! Ahmedabad and Vadodara are the two important cities of Gujarat immersed perfectly in Navratri celebration. Blessed are the eyes and relaxed are the souls who get to image this beautiful sight.

garba in gujarat

The garba in Gujarat (source)

Garba – the modern folk dance mixed with devotion and dedication

Garba originally is a Sanskrit word and is the folk dance of Gujarat performed in the honor of goddess Jagdamba. Performed in circular form, the group of dancers revolves around the temple of the goddess while singing the folk tunes, clapping and enjoying. The original Garba explains the presence of Garbha Deep, an earthen pot with a lamp within, over the head of the lady. While this traditional dance art is difficult to spot now, the new form is a lot more vibrant. The present day Garba does not involve the pot but is done in the same way as Deepika did in Rasleela and that famous Dholi Taro Song!

Playing on the garba steps…

Garba ramva che ke nai?

(Want to play garba or not?)

The beauty of Garba comes out when performed in groups. The Garba was mainly performed by ladies, but with the entrance of men in the art, Garba has gotten only big! Dance practices start from days before in order to meet up the expectations and win the prizes. The modern day Garba steps are more energetic than before. All sing together, clapping and singing worth their bodies getting bent in a direction synchronously and arms make beautiful gestures. An amazing sight, undoubtedly!

No, Garba is not done on ordinary songs, special Garba music ramped in folk tunes on the rhythms of drum and the table is played. The songs are slow at beginning and in no time reach the tempo thus adding energy to the art. Falguni Pathak and Devang Patel are the two Garba singers. No Garba is complete without Dholo Taro Dhol Baje and the new debutante Nagada Sang Dhol Baje!


Costumes are no less beautiful! You will find women wrapped in eye catching sparkling glittering Chania Cholis that consist of a blouse, a Ghagra and a Duppata embellished with stones and mirrors from top to down. The silver jewelry further adds to it! Equally complimenting are the men. Dressed in loose pants, turban, waistband and a Kurta – equally colorful and lively; Garba is worth a watch!

Best garba events in Gujarat

  • Fine Arts, Vadodara

This is the finest form! Here Garba is not done in the way as you have often heard of. The Ghagra also won’t seem like Ghagra instead it’s an all new dance form of graceful steps and colors! Get soaked today!

  • GMDC Ground, Ahmedabad

Organized and taken care by the Gujarat government, GMDC ground hosts one of the biggest Garba events in Ahmedabad. Amped with food stalls, book stalls everything is perfectly managed here. The ground has a mammoth stage from where the artists sing the Gujarati folk tunes. The security is tight and the sight captivating!

How to Reach Ahmedabad?

Ahmedabad is well connected through all major cities. The public transport within the city is flawless. You can catch the BRTS buses and easily reach places.

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