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Monsoon Beauty Tips to Travel Pretty!


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Although we girls are a desperate aficionado of monsoon travel not because the falling showers impress everyone, but also because the cool breeze soon after and romantic environment! Being such a great monsoon travel admirer, the fact that it is also a hard time for all the pretty ladies cannot be denied! Keeping their makeup intact all through the day during monsoon and that too while traveling when every entity of environment is just planning against you is not an easy task. Obvio, not every girl looks that sensational as is depicted on the reels during rains! But every girl can manage to look the same stunning during monsoon travel with some simple monsoon beauty tips, fixes and tricks!


  • Always try to keep your face clean during the monsoon. Use a good face wash that suits your skin. While travelling, do not forget to carry the face wash.
  • Keep your makeup light and simple, the monsoon beauty tip often advised.
  • Avoid using foundation as far as possible during the monsoons. Face powders would be a better option.
  • Use concealer to hide any pimple marks or dark spots.
  • Make efficient use of toners. They remove any excess oil and also make your skin resistant to acne by removing any lingering microorganism.
  • If you are having flight the next day, it is advised to properly moisturize your skin the night before as the coming day would leave your skin highly dehydrated due to cabin pressure.
  • Never use foundation or blush again and again while travelling. Instead just take a mister of mineral water and dab it with moisturizer. It is a perfect wake up call for your skin.
  • Stay away from face makeup while you travel! (You are more beautiful naturally, we are not flirting!)


Now-a-days, a range of waterproof kajal (kohl) pencils and eye liners are available in various vibrant colors. And please for god’s sake, stay away from smudge kajal. It may sound good at first but is a real disaster in daily lives. It smudges and ultimately gives a look as if you have dark circles. It is better to say no!

Okay, so you just slept? Or had a novel read? Now what? Red and watery eyes? Do not worry! It is always better to take an eye drop with you (the secret monsoon beauty tip!). It will wake up your eyes and will give your eyes that ever attractive look. It works well even when you are having sleepy eyes.

Please do not try mascara while traveling. A nap can leave its toll on your cheeks.


Again, using long lasting lipsticks might sound ultimate travel beauty tip to some but are a complete NO. They suck the last drop from your lips and leave them dehydrated. Instead opt for some lip stain and apply lip balm over it. Keep applying lip balm as the need arises and let your lips stay colorful the natural way!


  • Try and keep your monsoon hairstyles simple and tidy. Avoid leaving your hair open in the rains while travelling.
  • Using hair sprays may cause hair to become sticky.
  • Wash your hair regularly and don’t forget to get a good hot oil massage once a week.
  • Do not forget to take some dry shampoo along with you. It will help fight that grease and dandruff you recently developed during travel.

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