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7 Rules to Follow to Avoid Flu While Travelling


While travelling is fun, it may take a toll over your health! Do you feel a tad flu-ish after every time you come out of that airplane crew? Or you feel yourself receptible to all those germs happily floating around every time you travel? Well, you are not alone and research says the same too. As per the study published in the Journal of Environmental Health Research, a study was conducted on passengers flying on a five hour flight between Denver and San Francisco concluded that the passengers were 113 times more prone to catch cold and flu as compared to their normal life.

Conclusions are clear! Travel might unfortunately give you those germs! Solution? Read on!

Things to keep in mind to avoid flu while travelling

  • Keep water within your reach when you fly – stay hydrated!

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Water may actually save you from all those bluish symptoms. Stay hydrated and keep drinking water frequently when you are in the plane. It is due to the low humidity in the airplane that increases your susceptibility to cough and cold. Most planes fly at an altitude of 30,000 feet with humidity lesser or equal to 10%. With low water content in the air, our mucous membranes start getting dry and further our immune system weakens. This allows the easy entrance of germs inside the body through the nose and mouth.


ü  As soon as you are done with the security check, get yourself a big water bottle and keep drinking frequently until you fly. This would keep the mucus membranes well hydrated and would help them in fighting against germs.

ü  When on an international flight, ask the attendant to bring water glasses.

ü  You may also choose to bring your own empty bottle and ask the attendant to fill it for you.

  • Avoid touching here and there, especially the seat pockets – sanitizers to the rescue!

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Those seat pockets and armrests seem to be the ultimate luxury when traveling, but imagine that the previous passenger would have used them too. These would be loaded with dirty diapers and napkins too. Now imagine the dirt and germs these seat pockets carry along with them. As far as possible, avoid using these and make use of your carry bag. If necessary, slip down the sleeves over your hands fully. Use sanitizers to kill germs every now and then.

  • Prevention is better than cure – stay vaccinated!

Why to treat symptoms once they have arrived? Eliminate them instead! Get yourself vaccines a few days before your travel. A different version of vaccine is available every year. Get yourself vaccined well in advance when you are planning your travel.

  • Maintain distance with people who look unwell – safety first!

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This might sound a little selfish at first, but is worth it. You can’t compromise your health with anything. Ask your flight attendant to change your seat, especially when you are the one with weak immune system.

  • Work on your immunity – strengthen it!

It’s always advised to eat healthy so that your immune system is strong enough to win the battles in the harbour of germs. Vitamin C, protein A and zinc can boost your immunity in no time. Start consuming them a few days before your travel to push any odd incidents out. You might also like to sleep a little more to boost your immunity. Further, the glowing pictures while travelling is an additional add-on that you get to have. You might also want to eat yogurt that is said to boost your immunity naturally.

  • Avoid touching your face and mouth so often!

 Do not touch your face and mouth that often. The highly contagious and deadly viruses like Ebola, norovirus, H1N1 enter your body through the mouth and the food that you eat.

  • Pack some handy medicines with you to avoid oops moments!

Pick for you a pair of antioxidants, antibiotics, nasal sprays, eye drops, inhalers, sanitizers and tissue papers to raise your battle against germs.

  • Avoid crowdy areas – don a facemask today

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Avoid the trip to crowdy areas as these are the places those nasty germs and viruses are happily partying at! But even if you have to, don a facemask to avoid them.

Doesn’t matter how much these viruses restrict our travel, we always can find a way out! No one can stop us from travel; just keep the above factors in mind. Rezortify wishes you a happy and safe travel.

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