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7 Reasons Why You Should Not Travel


You want to move beyond boundaries, experience beyond imagination and explore beyond reality! Well, if that’s the case, you should perhaps immediately hit the floor, pack up a pair of clothes and plan a weekend trip today There is either yes or no! But if you are stuck between two, whether to go or to not, here are plenty of reasons which for sure would make you drop your idea. Read at your own risk.

  • Relaxing your eyes with eye catching views and scenes is not your idea!

love traffic

People who love traffic and same old monotonous schedule should not choose travel (Source)

If you think it is pretty useless to watch stunning scenes and bring yourself closer to nature, get to see new things, and that you enjoy the everyday sight of monotonous schedules and jammed traffic, then this is perhaps  why you should not travel.  

  • You hate trying and eating different food

hate food


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If you are fully contented eating that same old recipe again and again, that Ghiya Ki Sabji and roti, you should never take the risk of traveling. It might starve you as your intestines won’t be able to digest the newly fed food and your entire body would be at risk.

  • You are already doing enough out of the box

out of the box


Well, if you are already doing too much new, working on new projects, shopping in new malls and trying out new gadgets and you think there is probably no any need to try more new things, travel is simply not good for your health when it involves so unplanned, unexpected and amazing arrival of destinations.

  • Your life has enough adventure


hate adventure

Ladies giving sarcastic looks to the bungee jumpers as they already have enough adventure in their lives :D (Source)

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If you think skipping traffic lights and driving at 180 km/hour is enough adventure you ever needed in your life, and that rafting in the river Ganges, bungee jumping in Dalhousie and trekking won’t chill your spine enough, we feel that you are made for home. This explains again why you should not travel.

  • New stories probably irritate you!

watching television

You are more satisfied watching television (Source)

You don’t want to iterate those awesome stories when you are back simply because you like those Saas Bahu serials, those gossips more, travel then  won’t fit into the conversation.

  • You are in steady relationship with your comfort zone

You already have a nice life. No shocking surprises and no crazy moments. Why should you choose to travel? What if you didn’t like it, you would have to come back home and get back to your normal routine? And again you got the answer to the question, why you should not travel.

  • You are not romantic!

no romance


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If you think she enjoys watching serials and you are okay with your laptop every now and then and there could nothing be more romantic than this, and even the Nainital’s lake won’t be able to do any wonders, it is obviously better to be at home!

But, if you are beyond all this and are totally opposite, what are you waiting for? Enjoy the ride and plan your weekend trip with rezortify.com.

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