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7 Reasons Why Visiting Munnar Might Be the Best Thing You Would Do!


Not on all places nature shines like it does on Munnar! And that’s perhaps why the Kerala is known as the God’s own country. Greenery all around till your eyes go and the ultimate amity stretching till infinity describe the place aptly. 

Mountains with lush tree plantations, the green trees here and there, the peaceful mingling of mountains and the clouds, and the roaring waterfalls breaking the silence – what else could picture your imagination? Western Ghats are wonderful – everyone knows that but would they be so beautiful, you will get to know only after stepping there.

Munnar, what is in The Name?

What is in the name sounds logical, but if the name itself stands for three rivers. The beauty is sure to follow and the same is true for Munnar too. Situated at an altitude of 6000 ft above sea level, Munnar is a part of Idduki district, Kerala. The place has preserved nature in its raw form. Spread over a mere area of 557 km2, the nature has occupied the area to every centimeter of it!

If you too are looking forward to some out of the world location this time but have not settled yet on one, choose Munnar blindly and we promise, you will never ever repent!

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7 Reasons to Visit Munnar

  1. Experience the Sparkling Drops of Water!Rezortify - Munnar

 Breathtaking Views at Munnar | Source

Yes, you may never know when those shower of rains start wetting you. The dense forests and the peace breaking waterfalls or the beautiful playful acts of mountains and clouds – Western Ghats are beautiful indeed! You might get wet anytime! It is not just about the rain and waterfalls here, visit the dense forest and you will find one or the other stream flowing. This is perhaps one of the reasons why Munnar is so green – the water that keeps on flowing from innumerable places surely deserves the credits!

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  1. Mountains, Dam and Picturesque Location – What Else Do You Need?Mountains, Dam and Picturesque Location - Munnar

 Picturesque Locations at Munnar | Source

Believe us; it is like getting to enter in a painter’s painting. It is so perfect and so heavenly! Mattupetty dam is situated 13 km from Munnar. Built between the beautiful hill ranges, this is an ideal place to relax, and simply admire the beauty of nature which is beyond imagination here. This is also one of the few places where elephants are often said to visit. If you catch a few, nothing like that!

  1. Talk to Yourself at Echo Point

Heard about echo? It is the time to check it! Situated 15 km from Munnar, simply scream anything and the same will follow you after a minute. The perfect location and wilderness here make this happen. The kids’ favorite – it is the perfect chance for them to learn this natural phenomenon in natural settings.

  1. The Breathtaking Views on the Way to Eravikulam National ParkAttukad Waterfalls - Munnar

 Lush Tree Plantation at Munnar | Source

Eravikulam national park was originally created to preserve Nilgiri Tahr. You might not be able to spot the animal on reaching the park, but the journey to the destination is worth a watch! Private vehicles are not allowed in this restricted area except for the tea estate workers. A government led bus takes you via very narrow path with gorges on one side and tree plantation on other. The view from the top is picture perfect and an ideal place for adventure and nature lovers.

  1. Attukad Waterfalls

Waterfall in Munnar

Roaring Waterfall in Munnar | Source

Although you might have spotted numerous waterfalls here and there once you are in Munnar. The Attukad Waterfalls is yet another specimen that demonstrates how beautiful nature can get. Situated just 9 km from Munnar, this waterfall is in its full form only after the monsoon. For the rest of the seasons, it will look like just another mountain stream!

  1. Experience the Ultimate Composure at Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

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If you are a hardcore nature lover or adventure strikes your chord, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is the place to explore! Situated 60 km from Munnar, the place is the habitat of endangered grizzled giant squirrel in India. You can also spot various mammals, 34 to be exact, including elephants, tigers, panthers, and deer.

  1. Just Chill Amid Tea Plantation

One thing is for sure, when tea plantations are all around, who would not be tempted to touch them and smell the aroma? The very thought that tea is processed from these leaves add to the pleasure. Just park your vehicle roadside, and experience the beautiful tea plantation with all plants of the same height and exactly similar! Should you need more information on this, don’t hesitate to talk with the tea workers there. They carefully pluck a few of the leaves from these plants which then go to factories for processing!

And we are sure, doesn’t matter, how hard we tried, we simply won’t be able to express the beauty of the Munnar. Better plan a trip and experience the magic ahead!

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