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5 Things You SHOULD Forget To Pack When You Travel!


Seriously, I believe, packing is somewhat related to one’s personality and traits. My mother, who is always the first to do, she always has her packing done before days! Me, the late comer, I will always have one or two things positioned here and there even 5 minutes before the expected departure time. Okay, you may call me careless, but then, being a girl, how can I afford to leave some important stuff at my place, but then chances are high that same important stuff returns unused back after the whole trip. :p

When planning a weekend trip, or a full fledged travel vacation here are 5 things you should always forget packing and should not bother adjusting the already full backpack!

  • Expensive partying clothes

 packing tips


This is the habit I can’t help skipping. What to take and what to leave? What if the ones I left need to be used there? Okay, I would obviously party there. I can’t wear the same stuff twice!

And blah blah! So many reasons but just one answer – let them be at your place instead of packing them!

Yeah, you have a lot of fancy dresses and there is no need to show your whole wardrobe there. The friends you will be partying with at Mumbai are not going to be same in Goa!

Stay calm and party!

  • A formal suitcase

packing tips


Come-on, no need to be that formal. You are not going to attend your cousin’s marriage with all fancy Banarsi Sarees and formal suits! It is a trip, a travel trip, you remember? It won’t hurt your clothes if a few creases will come but it will surely hurt your hands while managing the suitcases from one place to another. Pack in into your backpack please!

  • Cosmetics – and a lot stuff!

Packing cloths while travelingSource

Hair straighteners, electric shavers, trimmers, shampoo bottles, sandals, shoes, flip flops, wedges, and sneakers – give me a break please! 

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Undoubtedly, I myself can’t stop myself taking hair straighteners, shampoos, flip flops along but then my shoulders have to eventually pay for it due to kilos on my back! Do get rid of these. A pair of flip flop which you are wearing would work on your whole trip. It won’t look bad even if you will travel with little wavy hairs. Shampoo- hotel people give that! Else buy it!

  • Books

I personally know people who take libraries with them! Yes, they seriously pack a couple of books with them and then complain about the weight of the backpack! Booksellers are available everywhere, you can always buy from them. Share with your partner, room neighbor, read online – and a lot of ways!

  • Eating stuff

food while traveling



There is no need to pack a whole month’s ration with you until and unless you are a food choosy!

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Everything is available everywhere. Enjoy the wilderness. What is to travel if you have to do it so certainly?

It is very important to get your trip right to enjoy it to the fullest! You have made the right decision to travel, execute it properly.

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