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11 Different Types of Travelers Who Will Spice Up Your Journey


Travelling is fun – we all know that! And those who really enjoy the art of travel would have surely come across the different types of travelers. It is because of them that the entire journey, whether weekend trip or a simple journey is worth enjoying :D

We have here the 11 types of travelers among us. Do let us know which one you fit in!

  • The sleeping traveler

sleeping traveler


These are the modern versions of Kumbhkaran! They are same even when the mode of travel changes. They will feel drowsy and doze off to glory the moment travel starts. Okay, sleeping is fine but the situation is better (hope you sensed the sarcasm!) when they take the support of neighbor’s shoulders to rest their head. A jerk came, and their head is now on the opposite neighbors’ shoulder like a table tennis ball and it keeps on going the same way.

What a sight!

  • The ticket freak travelers!

train ticket checking


This one is particular for train and bus travelers. There are travelers who are always in one or the other confusion. First they will be confused regarding their seat numbers. Where is seat number 52? Oh, I have entered from wrong gate!

Once this seat drama gets solved and it’s time for ticket checking, here is another problem. Where the ticket is? I was having in my hand few moments back. And stuff keeps going on.

  • The peeping travelers

peeping traveler


These are the most irritating ones! They will keep on peeping on everything you do. You open laptop, they will keep on glancing. You start chatting over the phone, they will try reading your messages. You read a novel, they will keep staring, once at the novel and then on your face. You start eating something, they will keep watching, ehh?

  • The pushing travelers

pushing travelers


These are the most uncivilized ones! They won’t adjust and are in the misconception that the whole compartment, birth or whatever it is, is entirely meant for them. They will sit like a king. If they are traveling in some over crowded bus or train and are standing, god save the next to them traveler. They will keep on pushing.

  • The investigative travelers

investigative traveler


Such travelers are more interested in the lives of co-travelers than they are in theirs. From which city you are, where you are going, what you do, where do you live and a whole bouquet of questions. It is better to have a safe distance from such!

  • The face reading travelers

face reading travelers


They are the most dangerous ones. They will keep on watching you, from every angle, whatever you do; their eyes will be on every activity of yours. They silently read everything.

  • The clicking travelers

travelers clicking selfie in train


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They will keep on clicking. Doesn’t matter their camera has good pixels or a total disaster, it is their first journey or last, they will click, click and click. If they have a partner with them, you are going to have a nice time then. Keep watching them as they click their dozens of poses.

  • The foodie travelers

travelers eating in train


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They will keep on eating. They will have ounces of food packed from home and will take another ounce from the local vendors. Wonder they come for eating or traveling?

  • The noisy travelers

They will keep chit chatting! And that too at extremely loud noise. They are not concerned if their chit chat is worrying anyone or even the person they are talking to is taking an interest; they have their sole motive – the chatting!

  • The snoring travelers

snoring in train


You ought to donate your night’s sleep to them! The decibels of their snore won’t let you sleep. No, plugging in earphones won’t help too.

  • The fun loving travelers

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Then there are travelers like me, who in every situation find something to laugh upon. Who will notice everything, share it with others and move on.

Let us know if you find travelers other than those mentioned above in comments and we will update.

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